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Neural networks Portfolio selection General optimization Portfolio optimization Heuristic optimization CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) Neural optimization Va R (Value at Risk) Genetic algorithms Prospect Theory Simulated annealing Technical analysis Taboo search Data patterns Game theory Bond pricing Multi-agent simulations Option pricing Monte Carlo simulations Volatility estimations Time series analysis SWAP pricing Fuzzy logic Arbitrage trading Fractals and chaos Term structure [1] Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks and Genetic Programs for Stock Market and Time Series Forecasting, P. Mc Cluskey, 1993 [2] Clustering of the Self-Organizing Map , Juha Vesanto , 2000 [3] The Learning Vector Quantization Program Package, T. Moody, 1994 [6] Economic Forecasting: Challenges and Neural Network Solutions, J.

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It takes great courage for some of us to take this leap of faith; for me it has been successful.

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Other symptoms include unstable interpersonal relationships, feelings of hopelessness, rapid changes in mood, issues with abandonment, dissociative or paranoid symptoms, and feelings of emptiness.

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