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If so, then it may be better to turn a blind eye to their indiscretions and spare yourself the pain of knowing the sordid details.

] I never knew you sucked arse You might as well fuck a duck's arse You don't want me to draw for the ting and make a boy run fast Bust your head with a pint glass About man's arse, you will never last I heard you feel up mans when they're in the bath Skepta makes me laugh I brought him an ounce of skunk and he thought it was a 4 and a half About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 cos you took a blast About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 cos you took a blast [Round 2:] [Skepta] See the level I’m on he wants to reach this Cuz when I touch mic I’m the deepest I’m the strongest, he’s the weakest I’m on the A-list, you’re still struggling to get up on the C-list Chop Devilman into pieces I’m a showerman, you’re a penis And your whole crew stink like faeces Well now check the remix See the level on they wanna be on Cos i’m a star and I shine like neon Lyrically gun a man down like Leon And he’s battyboy So there's a lot of things we can’t agree on You got a big tune, put me on I’m on a showerman ting, what's he on?One or both of your arms are going to be moving really fast, so get yourself in a position that allows you to move freely.You might want to send your cybersex partner a bunch of flowers or maybe a box of Cadbury’s Miniature Heroes to say thank you for helping you get off over the internet.Shame on Skepta I'll put the blame on Skepta Make police find cocaine on Skepta Skepta's a battyman![Skepta] Yo anytime you see me wearing a glove Boy better know I got the gun in my boxers I don't wanna send Devilman to the doctors I wanna win a MOBO, then go for the Oscars Theres only one Bassman So I gotta lick down any imposters Lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters Can't take Skepta Yo and its beef Shine the red beam at his teeth I just like to cause trouble and grief Devilman can't win lyrical beef Cuz he shitted in school and wipes his batty with a leaf Bare skidmarks on his brief D.

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