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All of them hail from the far-flung outpost of Yoshkar-Ola, close to the Ural Mountains.One willowy beauty is a hard-up nurse who is desperate to leave her impoverished homeland and start a new life with a man in the West. Another is a medical student, though she more closely resembles a nymph-like model from the pages of a glossy magazine.Beverley Gilmour believes that she is the only person in Britain to be receiving medical treatment for chronic near-death experiences.The mother-of-two said the supernatural happenings began back in 1987.

Twenty-four hours have passed since my underground abortion with a feuseuse d'anges, an "angel maker." Abortion is illegal in France now, and many women die because of the unsanitary conditions of the procedure.

Now, 10 years after Colton’s brush with death on a hospital operating table, it has been made into a film starring Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo.

Opening on Easter weekend, the movie was an instant hit, taking .5 million (£13.4 million) in its first three days and easily overshadowing Transcendence, a blockbuster starring Johnny Depp which had been expected to dominate the box offices.

"I have no concept of time and have no idea how long it takes.

I can be so exhausted I am bed-ridden for up to four days.

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