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One could hook the function Hook AMRestore Perform Recovery Mode Restore in the Mobile Device Library that i Tunes uses, overriding the restore options CFDictionary Ref object.This would *THEORETICALLY* allow for not updating baseband without patches/jailbreak.Note there are risks involved with flashing the baseband. I just got done chatting with Samsung support because I cannot update my Note3 to 4.4.4 and if their information is correct the BASE BAND info is coming from my SIM card.If you have a Samsung Android phone, and you use Samsung’s own version of Android, this article is not for you.ANSWERS: If you need help with this tutorial please post a question in the comments or submit a question to the i Clarified community using our Answers section.I have a Samsung galaxy note which I've rooted and installed Cyanogenmod.My current baseband is and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GSM. The BP also has its own RAM and communicates with the android kernel via a process called the RIL (Radio Interface Layer).

You will also need to download the i OS 6 firmware for your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS, which can be found in the downloads section.You must load a patched i BSS/i BEC for this to work.Using an original IPSW will not work, because redsn0w's pwned DFU Mode doesn't patch sigchecks in i BSS (which is loaded from the IPSW).Likewise, download the firmware you would like to upgrade to from here and place it in the Pwnage folder.Extract the Red Sn0w zip file to the Pwnage folder. Step Five Click the Restore button from the Even More menu. Choose the firmware you would like to update to from the dialog box that appears and click the Open button.

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