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Bishop Apringius, who wrote a sixth century commentary on Revelation, maintained that it was the Emperor Claudius (died 54 AD) who banished St.John, while the Venerable Bede, relying on the testimony of Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea quoting St.

Previous to this, he had purportedly only advocated banning Christians from such things as the military and ruling body in hopes that would appease the gods.So, unless one is a lion, a Buddhist, or student of ancient Roman civilization, the basis for 1 CE and 1 BCE remains an arbitrary selection.BC and AD do have a religious significance because they state that Yeshua of Nazareth is both God and Messiah: AD means "Year of the Lord." BC means "Before Christ" or "Before the Messiah." This religious component makes CE and BCE more attractive to many people -- particularly secularists, non-Christians and liberal Christians.THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST TO HIS SERVANT JOHNLesson 2: Introduction Part II • Previous • Revelation Study List • Next The ecclesiastical writers have taught that at the time of Claudius Caesar, when that famine which the prophet Agabus had announced in the Acts of the Apostles would come in ten years time was at its height, that during that difficulty this same Caesar, impelled by his usual vanity, had instituted a persecution of the churches.It was during this time that he ordered John, the Apostle of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to be transported into exile, and he was taken to the island of Patmos, and while there confirmed this writing.

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